Our Practice

Our practice is driven by our attorneys' unique depth of experience litigating complex cases in all Delaware courts, especially the highly specialized Court of Chancery. As the corporate home to thousands of businesses, including more than half the Fortune 500, Delaware is properly considered the world’s corporate capital. Accordingly, the Delaware Court of Chancery—which exercises jurisdiction over a broad range of disputes concerning corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities domiciled in the state—is widely accepted as the foremost business litigation venue in the country. For decades, the decisions of the Court of Chancery have shaped corporate policy and decision-making for business enterprises of all sizes.

Our attorneys regularly litigate and try cases before the Court of Chancery in matters involving corporate governance and control, stock appraisals, director and officer liability, trade secrets, applications for temporary and preliminary injunctive relief, contract disputes and all manner of other litigation facing businesses around the world. As a result, we provide clients the experience and familiarity with Court of Chancery practice that is essential to any litigant’s success in this highly sophisticated and specialized forum.

In addition, our attorneys practice before the federal court sitting in Delaware in a variety of areas including antitrust, employment and federal contracting disputes. Our lawyers also regularly litigate matters in the Delaware Superior Court, which has long been recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as the country’s premier court of general jurisdiction "doing the best job of creating a fair and reasonable litigation environment" in a survey of the nation’s top in-house counsel and senior litigators.